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This website is about my FREEWARE (but NOT OpenSource) software for PC gamers and other possible developments related with PC gaming.


Mar 6 2014 UPDATE: STEAM and ORIGIN are now supported in some selected titles. That would make many of you happy ;)

Program Mouse-Pad is delayed but work is progressing very well ...it will be ready when it will be ready ;)

The most recent delays were because i rearranged (AGAIN) the keys emulations a lot.

Relax !!! The system is actually simpler and FASTER to use than ever was !!!

Another thing i done is heavy modifications in interface/presentation of popup windows of my program and integration of PeZBOTs and MeatBot for CoDWaW, CoD4MW and CoD2 with campaigns with random order of maps, random game modes (PeZBOT only) and TRUE HARDCORE settings :D !!!

Lists of games is updated...expect MUCH more titles in next days.

Download link is not working is simply a placeholder, feedback form however WORK so if you want to give me any kind of feedback, don't be shy :)) .


1. All commercial names, including of games, services , other software and hardware are copyrighted and belong to respective owners.
2. I take no responsability whatsoever for any damage to your software, hardware or personnal damage or losses, be them personnal or profissional, in result of the use , or attempt of use , of this software.
3. English is NOT my natural language and to add insult to injury i don't even use a spellchecker :))

As for download MOUSE-PAD, if you accept the above points 2 and 3,
click here to download most recent version of Mouse-Pad
(the link is NOT WORKING FOR NOW, it's simply a "place holder")


Mouse-Pad is program that allows you to play FPS PC games with a Mouse and a Gamepad instead of using a Mouse and a Keyboard.

MOUSE-PAD supports two languages...if your OS is in Portuguese, all texts in the windows will be Portuguese, otherwise they will be in English .

MOUSE-PAD is fully compatible with WinXP, Win7 and also was tested with Win8 , 32bit and 64bit versions. Others OS not tested (i.e. LINUX using WINE ,BUT, work will be done to achive ALSO that AND calibrate WINE per game needs).

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WHY have i done it ?

This program was born long ago from my need to play FPS (mostly) games and the fact i'm left-handed (BTW, program let's you define left-handed or right-handed and at same time it identifies the type of gamepad)
To make things worse, i'm not very skillful with my fingers (i.e. never was and never will be a musician) and i couldn't get used to use a Mouse and a Keyboard.
However soon it was clear that a gamepad alone is total rubish (unless you play in consoles where games use aim assist and other pathetic/looser tactics to promote gamepad use and give the illusion that gamepads are good when they are NOT)

So then, i got this idea...how about join the best of two worlds ?
A Mouse is the most perfect, fast and precise device to point when you play FPS games, OTOH, if i could manage to figure out a way to control a gamepad with only one hand and using only two fingers of it, the gamepad would be WAY BETTER than a keyboard.
After a lot of work i finally figured it out how to do a basic program to do so and it was clear from begin that i was correct !

Mouse and Gamepad is the best of both worlds !!!
So then i got the idea to increase the number of features like the program scanning for installed games, present window with results to us select a game, then calibrate game settings on its own so emulation of keys of a keyboard can be done with gamepad (w/o player need to do that tedious and error prone task), more and more games supported and now program even installs bots in some games, customize the behaviour of those bots, customize some games settings of those and several other games to make them HARDCORE, make random campaigns, specific random campaigns (i.e. East Front or Pacific Front in CoDWaW),etc, etc and even correct some graphics !

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Is it considered cheating or is compatible with PunkBuster and/or VAC ?

Taking in account that....

1. ...I played with this program for HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of hours during several YEARS in several FPS games and NEVER was banned or kicked for cheating by admins, PBBANS, PB or VAC...

2. ...I know that PB has the capacity to monitor very close what the programming language that i use in my program does, so again, if i NEVER was kicked or banned is clearly a good sign that every thing in the code is OK...in fact, all that is done in my program can be done with (EXPENSIVE) gaming keyboards and mouses....my program simply makes it possible to use a CHEAPER to use interface to play and make it SIMPLER to use than mouse plus keyboard...

3. ...You ALWAYS have to press a key to do whatever you want to do or move mouse by yourself...NOTHING is automatic...there is NO kind of aimbot or wallhack kinda of code in it AT ALL...

....i can say clearly that NO, it's not cheating AT ALL .

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List of games and Mods that reached "GOLD" support

Game Mod or Expansion Pack Media Controls
Team Fortress 2 STEAM M+G
Left 4 Dead 2 STEAM M+G
Enemy Territory : QUAKE Wars M+G
... Quake Wars : Tactical Assault 0.3.5 M+G
... ETQWpro 1.0c M+G
ArmA2 M+G
ArmA2 : Operation ArrowHead M+G
Iron Front : Liberation 1944 M+G
... D-Day M+G
Call of Duty M+G
Call of Duty 2 M+G
... WCP 2.91 M+G
... MeatBot (Special HC campaign) M+G
Call of Duty : World at War M+G
... PeZBOT (Special HC Pacific Camp.) M+G
... PeZBOT (Special HC Eastfront Camp.) M+G
Call of Duty : Black Ops STEAM M+G
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare M+G
... PeZBOT (Special HC Rus Camp.) M+G
... PeZBOT (Special HC ME Camp.) M+G
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 STEAM M+G
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 STEAM M+G
Battlefield 2 DVD/ORIGIN M+G
... BF:Special Forces DVD/ORIGIN M+G
... Forgotten Hope 2.45 DVD/ORIGIN M+G
... Alpha Project DVD/ORIGIN M+G
... Extended SinglePlayer DVD/ORIGIN M+G
... Dogs of War DVD/ORIGIN M+G
... Eve of Destruction 2 DVD/ORIGIN M+G
... Project Reality DVD/ORIGIN M+G
... Point of Existence DVD/ORIGIN M+G
... Gen Ost DVD/ORIGIN M+G
... Combat Mod DVD/ORIGIN M+G
Battlefield 2142 DVD M+G
Battlefield Bad Company 2 M+G
Company of Heroes M+G
... Commanders Mod M+G
... Blitzkrieg Mod M+G
... Europe at War M+G
... Battle of Crete M+G
... Battle of the Bulge M+G
... Eastern Front M+G
... Modern Combat M+G
... Back to Basics M+G
Faces of War M
Soldiers : Heroes of World War II M
Men of War M
Theatre of War M
Theatre of War 3 : Korea M
XIII Century : Gold Edition M
Silent Hunter V M
World In Conflict : Soviet Assault M+G
... Modern Warfare (via ingame menu) M+G
Assassin's Creed M+G
Assassin's Creed 2 M+G
Besides FPS games, RTS games and mods are supported, some using only mouse , others , Mouse and Gamepad (i gonna try to support all RTS with Mouse and Gamepad).

In all FPS supported games that have vehicles all vehicles are usually controlled with mouse+gamepad ( including helicopters ) except airplanes that are fully controlled simply with Gamepad.

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List of supported games and Mods that are depending only if i like the game or not, or, that are still a WIP

Game Mod Media Controls
Fallout 3 M+G
Unreal Tournament 2004 M+G
Unreal Tournament 3 M+G
Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory M+G
Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory True Combat : Elite M+G
Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory True Combat : Close Quarters Battle M+G
Return to Castle Wolfenstein M+G
Urban Terror M+G
Kane & Lynch 2 : Dog Days STEAM M+G
Frontlines : Fuel of War M+G
Borderlands M+G
NecroVisioN M+G
NecroVisioN : Lost Company M+G
Wings of Prey G
World of Warplanes G
War Thunder G
Rise of Flight G

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Possible games and Mods that will be also supported in a near future

Game Media Controls
Assassin's Creed : Brotherwood M+G
Assassin's Creed : Revelations M+G
Theatre of War 2 : Afrika 1943 ???
Theatre of War 2 : Kursk 1943 ???
Kane & Lynch : Dead Men M+G

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Screenshots and Videos of Mouse-Pad "in action"

Here are some simple screenshots of the program in action...

An example of the window that shows the results of the game search in a PC...

...and another example. As you can see, the window size is dinamic...
...for a typical 1024x768 screen , as an example, this means +100 games and mods !!!

If you selected a FPS game this always happens before game is launched...

...and this might also happen in some games allowing you right away to select a profile if this is the 1st run of the game.
The languages of these windows will be two, Portuguese for PCs running OS in Portuguese and English text for all others.
The texts are not final...in the example above there will several modifications on them to reflect profile type for each game.

Some small BAD QUALITY videos (captured at 400x300 or at 320x240 pixels and 15FPS to not overload my PC) only to you get an idea of how fast the Mouse+Gamepad works....
Notice that i play with a 3G connection , that really makes my ping go up....in some more months i will get a 4G connection and things get better :)
There won't be until then BFBC2/whatever video(s) because my horrible ping on those games .

The 1st video doesn't have any melee (only last one has melee) ...still was traumatised because BFBC2 :D
I started to melee in 2nd video, this video is very diferent and it shows more how a player can move very fast in the maps, this is also show in the next videos
The 4th is the one i prefer:D

Videos taken when i played a free weekend at Steam of CoDMW3...atually only 4H11M of play

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How can YOU help to improve this program

You can help in several ways...

1. Providing reports about eventual bugs that you find.
2. Providing info specific to STEAM or ORIGIN versions of games that for now are only supported in DVD
3. Providing info about STEAM or ORIGIN games not yet supported and that are in the list for future support... 4. ...aaahhhh yes, you can also help in another way....buy the games and send them to me :D

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Your comments about Mouse-Pad:

You can also contact me about games that i play and related stuff...

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